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15 August 2008 @ 06:45 pm
christa couture.  

American born singer/songwriter with two full length albums under her belt. Her myspace/website write up says she "...gives up all her lovely and messy bits through a blend of folk and rock, quirk and charm". And I couldn't agree more.
Her songs always have a heartfelt message, and her lyrics are endearing and will definitely catch your attention, not to mention the easy, laid back acoustic sound. Her voice is well suited to the type of music she produces, soulful and soft at the same time.
It's something I think you'll definitely like, it caught my attention within the first few seconds of listening.
I recommend you listen to;
Cry Baby Cry, from her second album The Wedding Singer and Undertaker.
Scared Too, from her first album, Fell Out of Oz.

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