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14 August 2008 @ 02:30 pm
Sue and the unicorn  

Who doesn't like unicorns? Well, one part of he music group Robots In Disguise,Sue Denim, definitely loves them a lot. Which would explain why she titled her musical side project "Sue and the unicorn". Unlike the upbeat electro of RiD, Sue and the Unicorn demonstrates a more folk-influenced sound with whimsical and sometimes funny lyrics. While her voice doesn't normally seem like something that would work for a type of folk music, it just works in it's own strange way. Unicorns do have magic to them. This magic also enables these songs the ability to most likely bring a smile to most people's faces. Though she's doing this one alone, she also gets a little help from some friends a long the way who offer a hand with some backing vocals and other extras.

Sue and the Unicorn has expressed a want to record an album some time in the future, while time allows. For now, we have their myspace and the type of video that they have for the song "Pick me up".

My personal favorite: "Like Brewster McCloud".
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