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For your listening pleasure, our top 6 songs.

Hello and Welcome to Shuffle and Repeat.

Howdy to the world, I'm Mae. I'm seventeen and I'm still a high school student. I dabble a lot in the arts, but of course music is the main focus of most of my interests.
What you can expect from me is a lot of flashy adverbs and talk of some good strange music. I have a high focus on a lot of upbeat sounds, mostly electro and techno, as well as a lot of oldies as well. But don't let that scare you, I like loads of music and will be sure to try my hardest and span across them all.

Top songs;
"There is a light that never goes out" by The Smiths.
Never before has a song about loving so much that you'd be happy to be hit by a giant bus and killed with them been so cheerful sounding. I think a lot of girls would love a guy to say something like that to them. Well, maybe not phrased like that, but the general idea.

"Something I can never have" by Nine Inch Nails.
A teary eyed piece, and a great piano song as well.

"Peacock skeleton with crooked feathers" by The Blood Brothers.
A delight full song with the best combinations this band has to offer. Strange screams, lots of keys, and this sound and energy which gives the feel of a punk cabaret topped off with always confusing lyrics and always leaves me with this image of terrible thrashing animals.

"Lullaby" by The Cure.
A classic song with strange, yet amazing, imagery. It's got a great calm beat and always cheers me up.

"Little victories" by The Horrors.
Another morbid love song, sort of. While I may think this might be about those precious little victories one might take in a nervous new relationship, though talk or corpses always is a turn off, but not really with this song. A great use of lyrics and a wonderful mix of sounds.

"Gonna Buy Me A Dog" by The Monkees.
Replacing a girlfriend with a dog might seem like something that would give one terrible thoughts, but this cheery little song puts it into a cute perspective. It's a nice little pick-me-up song, and has been an old favorite of mine for a very long time.


Quick About Me:
My name is Nicole, and I live in southern Pennsylvania. I'm 15, but that will change in a little less than a month. xD I am not picky about my music. I listen to almost anything. My favorite band is The Horrors, and I doubt that will ever change. I like to draw, but I'm not good at it. xD Anything you want to know, myspace me.

NOTE: These are in no particular order.
1) The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows // Brand New
2) She Is The New Thing // The Horrors
3) Say Yes // Elliot Smith
4) You Are Not Alone // Micheal Jackson
5) Konstantine // Something Corporate
6) First Day of My Life // Bright Eyes

The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows:
This song is genius, to put it simply. Brand New, in my opinion, always puts out the best tracks- but this song tops them all. It starts out fairly slow, few lines on a guitar, the intro plays in- wrapping in powerful sounds- then Jesse Lacey starts off the song. The lyrics are pretty simple, but the way they put it out and they way it goes with the sound- it just works. It's not too screamo, it's not too quiet, it's a good mix. Who wouldn't start to tap their foot along to the beat?

She Is The New Thing:
For any Horrors song, you have the unexplainable beats that mix in with the slightly, scary-to-some, lyrics. As much as I love The Horrors, 'She Is The New Thing' is the song that stuck with me most. Hearing it live makes it that much better. Like all of their songs, it's different. Definately something to check out if you want something new. I've never heard anything like The Horrors before.

Say Yes:
A slow song, indeed. Not something you'd dance to, just one where you're hanging out and you just nod your head to it. Somewhat peaceful. Then you listen to the lyrics, and you can get what you want from those. To me, it could be sad or happy, it all depends on how you want to take it in. The quiet tune, the calming lyrics, and his voice make this song a win.

You Are Not Alone:
I think that if you gave this a chance, and didn't judge the artist, you might like this song. MJ doesn't have the best past, sure, but this is a MUSIC blog. This song is amazing. It's not fast paced, but it's not amazingly slow either. The lyrics are inspiring, to me, anyway. Love song at its best, that's for sure.

This song is nearly ten minutes long. But so worth it, and not a moment is wasted. Andrew McMahon's voice along side a piano (along with a few other instruments, of course). I love this song, beyond words. I cannot express how this song makes me feel. It's just something that happens. So uplifting, and happy. It's a truly amazing song.

First Day of My Life:
If you've ever listened to Bright Eyes, you know how just... lovely Conor Oberst's voice and lyrics are. He writes such amazing songs, and I think this song tops them all. To me this song is about finding love, and only wanting that. You don't need material things to make you happy. Love is it. Amazing song, really. Pure love!

So, Me. Hi there, I'm Deanna. I'm 15 and I'm from North England. I have a huge passion for music and arts.
My musical taste varies, if I like something I'll listen to it. I'm going to try and bring you songs you've never heard before. Some new stuff that you'll love. A great passion of mine is searching high and low for something really good to listen to, and I'll share what I find. What to expect from me is my silly oldy worldy way of talking, and silly sense of humour. Some stuff that you might not have considered listening to before. Old and new.
So if you have questions or anything else leave a comment and you'll be replied to!

In no order, My top 6 songs;

1) Heartbeats - The Knife
The Knife are a brother/sister duo from Sweden. To me it sounds like 90's pop, some funny keyboard with the amazing voice of Karin. I first heard the cover of this, by fellow Swede Jose Gonzales, but in no way does it sounds like fun original version.

2) Salvation - The Cranberries
Released on their 1996 album, The Cranberries are an Irish Rock Band. And this is an amazing song with an even better message. Listen to it, sing along, get up and dance, I don't care, I just know you'll love it.

3) Excellent Choice - The Horrors
At first I wasn't going to put this song in, but then I thought 'how could I not?'. This is one of my favourite songs, because of the really garage sounding music, thats talked over, yes spoken over, in such a recognizable British accent. It's brilliant. Sorry, it's an excellent choice. ahaha

4) All the Same - Sick Puppies
It's such a haunting beautiful song. The first time I heard it I thought it was heart wrenching. There's a line in it, that always seems to catch me "I'll take you for who you are, if you take me for who I am." It has a beautiful set of lyrics, and if you get chance you should take a look at the video.

5) Hide and Seek - Imogen Heap
When you listen, it just sounds like you're hearing her voice. It's all vocal effects, I'm not very technical so don't take me up on that. It's like nothing I've ever heard before. Then towards the end of the song, you get this great part that will stick in your head for days and days. Sarcasm and some amazing methaphors. Brill.

6) Closer - Joshua Radin
Acoustic, soft sang sweetness. The only word that will stick is Lovely. Very easy listening. I love it.

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